COVID-19 Update from 21.08.2020

Hi guys!
First of all, we hope you’re doing well in this difficult time. We’d like to apologize for taking so long with updates about our events but we had to make a few decisions and wanted to wait with informing you until we had figured those things out.

It definitely wasn’t easy for us, but due to the current situation we’ve come to the conclusion that we have to cancel all of our scheduled conventions.

Unfortunately the situation with COVID-19 has hit us much harder than we expected. Our first intention was to postpone the events like everyone else did, but it’s still unclear if it will be possible to get back to some sort of normality and if events can take place by then. It is not foreseeable whether our star guests and the fans will be allowed to enter or leave the country and which hygiene regulations we have to deal with.

A lot of big events have already been postponed to next year, several events take place on the same weekend, including ours. Many alternative dates for other events will follow.
Since we don’t want to postpone our events for another year, we decided to cancel all our planned conventions for now.

We’ve all imagined this to go differently. Our first event would have taken place this weekend and we were so excited for it! We really wish we had an alternative solution but all we can do is ask for your understanding.

Of course with the cancellation, there are a lot of questions regarding the ticket refunds. We tried to find a transparent solution for everyone.
We are only able to refund the tickets step by step, as we are still waiting for a refund of the advance payments that have already been made.

What is certain is that none of you will be left with the costs and you will get all ticket money refunded. We only ask you to be patient with us.

Please write us an email to so that we can arrange the repayments.

On behalf of the entire team we really want to thank all of you!

Stay well and safe.
Bonfire Phoenix Events