FAQ Conventions

You‘ve got questions – We‘ve got answers


What is a Convention?
Wikipedia says: A fan convention is an event where people meet like-minded individuals to exchange knowledge and interests about their hobby.
That’s actually a pretty good explanation. We will provide you a weekend filled with fun and joy. We organize conventions about TV Shows. You will be able to meet your favorite actor/ actress, for example in a Meet & Greet. Find out secrets, classified spoilers about the show or simply funny anecdotes from the set. You will be able to take some unique souvenir photos and get a personal dedication written to you at the autographs. Meet your friends or use this event as a chance to make new ones with the same interests.

When and where will the Convention take place?
The information on the date and location for each event will be posted on the event page.

Can people with disabilitys attend the Convention?
We are trying to make our events as acessible as possible. Unfortunatly we are not able to consider all special needs. If you will need special help during our events, please contact us at info@bonfire-phoenix.events. Tell us what kind of help exactly you need to attend our event. We are happy to help everyone individually bevore and during the event.

Can a carer attend the event for free?
Yes. We just need a verification for the need of a carer. Please inform us before the event takes place, so that we can prepare the entry ticket. For this please sent us an e-mail with all necessary information to info@bonfire-phoenix.events.

Will there be a wardrobe?
In general there will be a wardrobe at the location. If there won’t be one, we will inform you in time.

Will there be an ATM nearby?
If there is an ATM at the location we will inform you. In case there is no oppotunity to get any money at all, we will inform you, as well.

Where can I park my Car?
Information regarding the parking will be posted for the venue on our event page.

Will I get catering at the convention?
Your entrance ticket does not include catering. You have to provide your catering yourself.

Will there be discounts for pupils/students?
Our prices for entry tickets and all extras are fixed.

Can I ask questions during the Conventions?
Of course, you can ask us questions during the event. Our team will be ready to answer all of your questions. You can also message us on Social Media, WhatsApp +49 (0)176 – 55 32 14 00 or our email info@bonfire-phoenix.events, but in this case, please be patient if we need some time to answer your questions. To get a quick and immediate answer find us at the Convention and ask us in person.

What can I do, if I can’t stand in a queue for a long time?
Please talk to our Staff Members. We will try to shorten your time in the queue or find another solution.

Will there be a map of the location?
Yes there will be a map.

Will there be an official schedule for the Convention?
Yes, there will be a complete schedule for the Convention, so you will be able to check when and where the next activity is going to take place.

Can I buy merchandise at the Convention?
We are planning on providing you with some vendors so you will be able to buy things from them.

Are children allowed at the Convention?
Teenagers at the minimal age of 12 are very welcome at our Conventions, they will need a legal guardian to accompany them. For everyone under the age of 12 please contact us directly to find a solution.

Can I bring my dog to the Convention?


How do I get my Ticket and how much will it be?
You can buy your Ticket directly on our homepage. In our „Shop“ you will find every detail and information on our different Ticket catagories.
At the moment we issue your ticket all by hand, so it will take some time for you to recive the ticket, but with this you won’t have any further costs added to your purchase. You can check out the ticket price on our event page.

What kind of ticket categories do you have?
The different catagories can be found on the individual event page.

Which payment options do you offer?
Payment will be made in advance by bank transfer.

Can I buy a ticket at the Convention?
As long as there are tickets available, you can buy your entryticket at the event.

Can I cancel my order?
No. It is not possible to cancel an order.

What happens if I deleted the email with the ticket by accident?
We keep track of all purchases. So if you can’t find your email, reach out to us at info@bonfire-phoenix.events. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I sell my Ticket? How will this work?
Yes, but your price has to be the same or lower than the original price.
There will be 4 steps to get a new ticket for the buyer:
1. You have to sent us an email with your name, the name of the buyer and the order number.
2. You or the buyer wires us the fee of 5 € to our bank account with the subject: “Ticket transfer: order number”.
3. The buyer has to sent us an email with his name and the order number.
4. We will sent a new ticket to the buyer in his name.

What happens, if the Convention will be canceled?
If the Convention has to be canceled, please sent us an email with your name, order number and bank details.

How does the registration work at the Convention?
Please bring your order confirmation to the event. At the registration you will receive all ordered items. With this you are able to participate at the event. Please check with the staff that you received all ordered items.


What’s a panel?
Panels are talks between the guests on stage and the fans. This will be your opportunity to ask questions and get exclusive answers. Possible topics can be stories from the set or just some funny anecdotes. Panels are the perfect opportunity to get to know your favourite a little bit better.

Does a Panel cost extra?
No. All Panels are included in your entry ticket.

Can I take photos and videos at the panels?
You can take as many photos as you want, except during the autograph session, photo-ops and other special activities. Please turn off the flash light.
Filming is not allowed at our Convention whilst the official programm takes place.

Do I have an assigned seat during the panels?
There will be different zones for the different tickets. Within the zone there will be no assigned seats.

Can I ask questions during the panels?
Absolutly! A panel lives from your questions. The more questions the better. Ask whatever burns on your soul, just keep it friendly and polite.

Will the panels be translated to german?
No. We won’t translate the panels. This would only take away precious time that could be used talking to the guest.


Will the Guests take photos with the fans?
Yes, absolutely. During the photo-ops you will be able to take a picture with the guest.

What will happen at the Photoshootings?
You will go to the photo room and wait until it’s your urn. You will have time to explain the guest what kind of photo you wish to take. Some photo ideas can be: a simple cuddling-photo, a cool pose or a funny scene, as long as it’s not too complicated or inappropriate. You can bring photo ideas on your phone to show the guest, if you can’t explain what you want.

What can I do with my bag during the photoshoot?
In the photo room will be staff members who will take care of your belongings, while you are taking your photo.

Can I do poses at the photoshooting?
Definitely. The more creative the better. Just remember that the guest is always entitled to deny a pose, if they don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Can there be more than one person on the photo with the guest?
There can be more than one person in your photo, but every person needs a photo ticket of their own. When there is more than one person in the photo you can do different poses and get one print per pose or one pose and several prints.

When can I get my photo?
Quality takes time. You will be informed at the event when and where to pick up the print.

Can I post my Photos online after the Convention?
Yes, of course. You can post it where ever you want. We will be happy about every link to our page.


Will the guests sign autographs?
Yes. Nothing better than an autograph of your favourite actor to complete the Convention-experience.

Can I get my photo from the photo op signed?

Can I get a personalized autograph?
Most of the guests will personalize their autographs.

Can I get something else than a photo signed?
Yes. For example you can get your merchandise signed, but it has to be licensed and please don’t bring inappropiate stuff.

Meet & Greets

What is a Meet & Greet?
It’s a intimate and comfortable meeting with just the star and a small group of fans. You can ask questions similar to the panels just in a smaller group.

Can I take photos or Videos during the Meet & Greets?

Free Time

Am I allowed to talk to the guest outside of the official activities?
Sure, if the guest are comfortable with it or want to talk to you in their free time, you can do it. Taking Selfies, Photos or asking for autographs outside the official activities however, is not allowed. Please remember, the guests are just normal people, too. They also need some private time to recharge their batteries.


Can I come in a Cosplay?
Yes, of course. All attendees will be happy about your event theamed cosplay.

Can I bring some Weapons?
You are allowed to bring harmless weapons for your cosplay. If you are unsure if an item is not ok, please contact us before the event.

Who will help me if I’m being harassed?
The Orga Team and our Staff will be there for you the whole weekend. We will also have a security at our event. If there is a problem, please contact us at any time, so we can help you solve the problem.


Can I be a volunteer at your Conventions?
At this time we only can accept volunteers speaking german. Please use the german version of the „Volunteer“ page if you do and want to help.